Why should I build 
a high efficiency home? 


• Quality
• Longevity
• Sustainability
• Environmentally friendly
• Healthier
• Quieter
• Lower Running Costs
• Guaranteed Results


Everyone who chooses to be a part of Whitcombe Property’s Sustainability new homes will be making a better choice. Sustainability never looked so good and will also strengthen our clients business and brand.

From Whitcombe Property’s perspective for investors and owners, the benefits of sustainability include a longer building lifecycle and lower operating costs and very importantly, long-term tenant retention.

Whitcombe Property firmly encourage our clients and promote the fact that when you get the asset right, you have a longer asset lifecycle; which substantially increases the value of the asset. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for more builders to make a commitment to carbon neutral and sustainability leading buildings, which we advise our clients will only strengthen their business and brand and establish a loyal, long term client base ensuring future success for their projects.

At Whitcombe Property we understand to achieve true long term sustainability

We need to balance economic, social and environmental factors in equal measures; the economic viability is a very important part of the sustainability equation….. without it, sustainability wouldn’t be sustainable.


Involved in many of Canberra’s major apartment projects over the past 20 years, Whitcombe Property understand buyers are willing to pay extra for more sustainable add-ons like the inclusion of green or solar power or community gardens rather than the usual inclusions of pools or gyms.

We believe people see the value in it sustainability…there wasn’t a demand for green initiatives 10 years ago, but now astute people can see the value in paying extra for the long term benefits of lower energy costs, healthier living and increased value to your property.

Properties boasting sustainability puts the property apart from other properties out there.

Sustainability  has become one of the factors that people consider when they’re looking for a quality new home; buyers consider the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, carparks, and they see the energy star rating as this highlight the lower energy costs and healthier living.  



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